Appalachian Authors Guild General Meeting

November 10, 2015, 11:30am

Shoney's Restaurant

480 Cummings Street

Abingdon, VA


Steven James, Speaker


Author of The Patrick Bowers Files and the Jevin Banks Experience

Steven James is the critically acclaimed author of more than three dozen books, including the Patrick Bowers and Jevin Banks thriller series, and he has recently released the first book of his teen suspense trilogy, Blur. Steven’s other works span a variety of genres including non fiction, fantasy and drama. He has a master’s degree in storytelling and has taught writing and creative communication around the world. When he's not writing or speaking, you'll find him trail running, rock climbing, or drinking a dark roast coffee near his home in eastern Tennessee.

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All Appalachian Authors Guild meetings are open to members and the public.

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The Foundation For Appalachian Advancement


The Foundation for Appalachian Advancement, whose mission overlaps that of the AAG, has set up a web page dedicated specifically for artists. Any of our members may have a section with a bio and a link to their website that the Foundation can promote on the page. Email J. C. Sweingrouber directly with what you would like on the bio and your website address, or page where people can buy your books.



(from the FAA website)
The Foundation For Appalachian Advancement (FAA) strives to promote educational opportunities, economic development, and the advancement of our culture, history and heritage through the arts. The FAA is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization that takes a two-tiered approach to enhancing our Appalachian region.


Our second tier focuses exclusively on Appalachian artists. The FAA will focus on building a community of artists in order to promote their work and achievements. The Appalachia region is home to a multitude of painters, sculptors, writers, poets, musicians, actors, filmmakers and artists from many genres. The Foundation for Appalachian Advancement believes that a vibrant artistic community is a vital part of introducing those outside of this extraordinary region to the experience and arts, heritage, history, and natural beauty that only the Appalachian region offers.