AAG Board/Business Meeting

February 10, 2015, 1:00pm

Washington County (VA) Library

Hill Street

Abingdon, VA

Board/Business meetings are open to all members and the public. A new president and vice-president along with returning secretary and treasurer will be guiding the Board and the Guild for 2015. Please come out and support them.

President.....Linda Hoagland

Vice President...Patty Nichols

Secretary........Vicki Fletcher

Treasurer........Jack Rose


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AAG General Meeting

March 10, 2015, 11:30am

Shoney's Restaurant (Portobello's going out of business

480 Cummings St.

Abingdon, VA


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Annual Dues Notice

AAG operates on a calendar year, so members' annual dues are due in January. Though Virginia Highlands Festival is not until summer, participant scheduling must begin early; other venues are ongoing and paid up members have first choices.

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transpSpeaker, Darnell Arnoult

Darnell was born in Martinsville, Virginia on December 19, 1955 to Juanita Burch Arnoult, a Baptist beautician originally from Draper, North Carolina, and Joseph Henry Arnoult, a Catholic architect originally from Memphis, Tennessee. Her mother wanted to be a movie star, her father a fighter pilot. She wantted to be a cowgirl almost from the day she was born, but in forty-two years the opportunity never presented itself. And then it did. Her father did accept payment once in the form of a Shetland pony named Buckshot, the orneriest pony who ever lived. No one could stay on his back. So for a time, she stopped thinking of riding and roping, and concentrated on watching cowboys in thirty-minute episodes on TV until detectives took over television.

Darnell's published novel is Sufficient Grace. Her poetry collection, What Travels with Us, features the people and times of Fieldale, Virginia, a planned community in the Virginia foothills founded by Marshall Fields in the early 1900's.

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New member dues - $25.00 for membership in Appalachian Authors Guild alone.

To print a join/renewal form, click on the 'Membership Application' link in the sidebar list.
Mail to: Appalachian Authors Guild, P. O. Box 803, Abingdon, VA 24212-803